Tips for Downsizing

Downsizing can put a lot of pressure on someone who is looking to live in less clutter but admires their belongings. Seniors, empty nesters or people moving into a smaller place, face the challenge of creating a new living area with limited space and lots of belongings. But on a good note, if you plan ahead and prioritize your belongings, the process can be easier than it seems.

Plan Ahead

The longer you wait to plan ahead before downsizing, the more stress it adds to the process. Setting goals and deciding what you need and what you don’t need is a smart step in beginning your choice to plan ahead. To help decide what you need, ask yourself: Do you have room for oversized furniture? Do you feel you should keep it because you spent a lot of money on it? What is necessary for the new place? For families and couples, be sure that the other members agree with your needs to prevent from any future conflict or miscommunication.

Make NO room for Clutter

      Clutter begins to appear when we simply own too much. When you are moving to a confined space, there is no extra room for “too much” stuff. The most important step when creating a clutter-free home is removing the access possessions that consume the home and your lives.  One way to limit clutter is eliminating extra cables and wires. For example, getting a wireless printer and mounting your TV so that you don’t have to worry about a large media center taking up valuable living space.

Have plenty of storage options

      The secret to storage in a small living space is storing up, not out, So if you have the opportunity to make use of wall-mounted shelving, do it – It keeps things off the floor and out of the way. Storage containers are a great idea to store specifics away, but you definitely don’t just want to purchase a bunch of boxes, containers, and organizational gadgets just to have them around. Purchase what you need for what you have.

If you are currently in a larger home with lots of clutter or maybe even just in a large home looking for smaller, look at downsizing as an opportunity to minimalize your home and make it a clutter-free area.



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