Best Places to Beat the Heat

We are in the grips of the summer heat already and with our beloved Wild Waters no longer open, what are the best places to beat the heat in Ocala.

You can drive 2 hour to Orlando and have your pick of crazy fun water parks or just enjoy a few of our local spots in a more natural environment.

Here are our top picks for best places to beat the heat in Ocala:

  1. The City of Ocala runs several community pools and splash pads. The Hampton Aquatic Fun Center is located at 255 NW MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. BLVD. The Jervy Gannt Aquatic Fun Center is located 2390 SE 36 AVE. There are 2 splash pads located at 2200 NW 17th Pl.  and 160 E. Fort King St.
  2. If you want a more natural setting, take a dip in several of our local springs or float down a river. Our top picks for this are Rainbow Springs located in Dunnellon. You can pick you tubes up at Rainbow River Kayak. Juniper Springs is located in the the Ocala National Forest and offers crystal clear and cool natural springs to jump in. There are camp sites here as well.
  3. The Frank Deluca YMCA offers family memberships where you can have use of the pool area for the summers.
  4. Lake Weir -There are several spots around the lake to help cool off. Grab your picnic baskets and your towel! Eatons Beach and Gator Joes both have beach areas as well.

I hope this list helps you pick the best place for you this summer. Remember to always wear sunscreen!