Ocala Needs More Homes for Sale

It seems these days I have more buyers than I do places to show them. Many buyers have similar features and qualities they are looking for in a home. 3 or four bedroom, 2 or more baths, a little extra yard space and preferably a pool. Well, it seems these types of homes are scarcer than hen’s teeth in Ocala. At least for the price most are able to afford.

If you own a home in the Southeast, Southwest or North Ocala areas, please call me if you are considering placing your home for sale. I have plenty of buyers that may be interested.

If you are a buyer looking for this type of home, I would suggest considering homes with similar features to what you want. Perhaps adding the features will be an easy fix. If the home doesn’t have a pool, but you really want one, I have plenty of pool contractors I can recommend. If you want a workshop, I have contractors as well that can help you with that. If you want a fenced in back yard, yep.. I know someone who can help with that too.

Don’t give up on the dream home just yet. All you need is patience, persistence, a little vision and a great Realtor. Call me an let’s start the search.