Renting vs Buying in Ocala, Florida

Dream home

Dream home

Renting vs Buying in Ocala, Florida.

A common question for many Realtors is “Is it better to rent or to buy” Many potential homeowners are faced with the BIG decision and are left with more questions than answers. So, lets break down the benefits of home ownership to shed a little light on that part of the decision.

Renting in Ocala

There are many benefits to renting and for some it may be the only option, but for some families they end up paying for a home that isn’t their own. This may continue for years and years. Did you know that the price of rent can often exceed the price of a mortgage payment So instead of putting money towards a home that is building equity for someone else, put that towards a mortgage payment and build equity for yourself!

Benefits of Home Ownership

Imagine planting those lovely flowers or cutting down those annoying trees. Better yet, imagine painting you walls ANY color you choose. Now – imagine not having to ask permission from someone else to do so. THAT is home ownership! Maybe you want to visit the local animal shelter and pick up that sweet faced dog the children have always wanted. When you are renting, perhaps the landlord won’t allow it. Well, if you are a homeowner- bring Fido home today!

Uncle Sam

Let’s not forget the tax benefits of home ownership. Did you know that your mortgage interest and taxes are tax deductible. You can’t say that about rent! Try claiming homestead exemption of rent- not going to happen. Also think of the benefits to your personal credit. So long as you make your payments on time, this will build your credit in a very positive way.

Buy Now

Interest rates ar very low as well as home prices here in Ocala. There is no better time to get that dream home.

Imagine the joy and security your family will feel knowing this is THEIR HOME!

I can help you make that dream happen. Please call me today so we can begin the search for YOUR home.

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