For Sale in Golden Hills

Have you noticed how many homes are for sale in Golden Hills I often get asked if there is a problem in the neighborhood forcing home owners to sell. The answer is no. It just seems certain neighborhoods at certain times will explode with homes for sale.

Golden Hills has always been a popular neighborhood with the draw of the championship golf course and clubhouse that now features Mojos Grill, so it is no wonder so many people want to move there.

The price of homes is increasing significantly in that neighborhood which often prompts sellers to put their homes for sale as not to miss out on the good buzz. The good buzz in Golden Hills has amounted to currently 18 homes active on the market, 5 homes pending and 5 homes already sold in 2015.

The average sale price per square foot in 2014 was $76.62. It has jumped in 2015 to $120.03 per square foot. That is a huge difference and can also explain why so many sellers are wanting to take advantage of this fantastic market.

To learn more about the homes for sale in Golden Hills or to take advantage of the market, please give me call.