Sholom Park

Tucked away of off 80th Ave in SW Ocala between Stone Creek and OTOW is the most peaceful and unexpected park, known as Sholom Park.
Sholom Park was designed as a place to find inner peace and to thrive in the Central Florida climate. The park requires little or no supplemental watering. Native plants are combined with cultivated ornamentals, perennials, and annuals creating a beautiful and resilient landscape. Sholom Park offers a place of natural beauty, comprised of meadows, woodland areas, added flowers and trees, as well as native wildlife for everyone to enjoy.
At Sholom Park you can meander through the labyrinth designed to quite your mind. There are plaques with suggestions to help find meaning in nature. You could stroll through the rose garden, stare into the water at the pond or plop a blanket down in the grass near the olive trees and stare up at the beautiful Florida skies.
Sholom Park has become a photographers paradise. Almost every visit you will see a family posing for pictures or a photographer capturing nature.
If you are having a stressful day, may I suggest you go to Sholom and find your peace. Maybe after pop on over to Circle Square Commons and enjoy an ice cream. This park is full of beautiful surprises that change with the seasons, so visit often!

Please visit Sholom Park’s own website for more info and ways to donate