Buying a home in Ocala

Renting vs Buying in Ocala, Florida

Renting vs Buying in Ocala, Florida. A common question for many Realtors is “Is it better to rent or to buy” Many potential homeowners are faced with the BIG decision and are left with more questions than answers. So, lets break down the benefits of home ownership to shed a little light on that part […]

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7 Signs it’s Time to Downsize

For many people, a large, sprawling home is part of the American Dream. But with additional space comes bigger utility bills and oodles of upkeep. Depending on your lifestyle, you may suddenly find yourself with more house than you actually need or want.  While the thought of moving to a modest home can be daunting, […]

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Selling your home

10 Commandments of Home Selling

So your home’s on the market — are you jazzed about getting it sold? Good. But there are a few things you need to know. More specifically, ten things. They’re called “The Ten Commandments of Selling a Home.” Read them. Absorb them. Emblazon them to memory, because one tiny mis-step can make your dream of […]

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Pre approval

Why do Realtors ask for Pre Approval

Have you ever walked into an open house, or called a real estate agent about a listing, and within minutes, they’re asking you if you are “pre-approved” for a mortgage? If you haven’t, then you have never walked into an open house or called an agent. Or at least enough of them… (more…)

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Creating Meditation Space

Creating Meditation Space in Your Home

Are you trying to get you Zen on at home and don’t know where to start? Here are a few helpful tips to creating a meditation space in your home. (more…)

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4th of July in Ocala

4th of July in Ocala

Looking for things to do on the 4th of July in Ocala? Ocala was once voted an All American City so it would make sense that we love to celebrate the 4th of July! There are a few events going on in town that will be worth checking out. (more…)

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Rainbow River

Best Places to Beat the Heat

We are in the grips of the summer heat already and with our beloved Wild Waters no longer open, what are the best places to beat the heat in Ocala. (more…)

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

What to do for Mother’s Day in Ocala? Here is a step by step guide to help you make the most of your day! (more…)

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Spruce Creek Preserve

Market Update for Spruce Creek Preserve

Spruce Creek is a Del Web Community  Where is Spruce Creek Preserve: Spruce Creek Preserve is located in Dunnellon, Fl. although it seems to be located more in Ocala. This fantastic 55 and better community is west on Hwy 200 past CR 484. It is adjacent to state forest which makes it perfect for nature enthusiasts.  […]

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Ocala Contractors

When to Hire a Professional

Many people love to DIY for almost everything, from landscaping projects, home renovations, to even home repairs. DIY projects save money and are usually simple enough that it is worth the effort, but not everything needs to be done on your own. With the rise of DIY comes the need for laying out examples as […]

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Curb Appeal

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home By: Pat Curry Published: February 18, 2011 A good washing, and a bit of color are two low-cost ways. Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell.  But which projects pump up curb appeal most? Here are financially smart ways to […]

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